translating and interpreting services

HNtranslations is a Czech- and Slovakia-based Translation Company established in 2002 by two Chinese and Japanese-speaking persons. Our aim is to provide accurate, reasonably priced translations within a required period of time. This is achieved by only using translators who are both native speakers of the target language and have a profound knowledge of the translation subject. Upon completion, all translations are subjected to a rigorous checking system. Although originally specialised only in translating Czech, Slovak, Chinese, Japanese and English, we also translate from/to the following languages:

We translate a wide spectrum of literature such as user manuals, general documentation, web-pages, and many other kinds of technical documentation. We are experienced in using the latest translation memory tools such as Trados and WordFast to produce large volumes of translation within a specified timeframe. Such technical translation is then subjected to our stringent checking system.

dtp, layout and design

Alongside our language solutions we offer dtp, layout & graphic design services. Using Adobe® design tools lets us create consistent art work and typography meeting the highest requirements set by the client. The services also include cross-media publishing and document repurposing, e.g. from text document—through web-page—and/or PDF file for on-screen viewing—to hi-resolution documents designed for further pre-press processing and digital or offset printing thus contributing to the information- and work-flow within your company.

www and wap design

The capability to produce consistent and eye-catching layout is further expanded by our web-design service, including designing wap-pages (Wireless Application Protocol) that can be accessed by a wide range of mobile devices. It also adds further value to documents submitted for processing at


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